Unique, distinctive architecture projects thoughtfully planned and designed either for new constructions or rehabilitation.

Scenic carefulness: the art of the landscape, the concept and visual identity of a project thought by the client’s demands and developed by a multidisciplinary collective.

Committed to nature: sustainable use of resources and materials, upmost respect for the terrain and the surrounding spaces.

Budgeting and preliminary study

In-house planning, landscape and terroir analysis and prior measurements, and budget outline for all stages of the project.

Licensing and permits

Scrupulous involvement in legal bureaucracies, licensing and qualification of architectural projects.

Project coordination

Space maps and measurement maps, as well as technical specifications workbooks to allow proper management and supervision.

Complementing the architectural project with engineering consultancy, project management, construction management and specialty services to ensure proper execution and detail carefulness.

Civil Engineering

Problem-solving structural engineering neeeds as peripheral containment, excavation, foundations and retaining walls. Water and wastewater treatments disposal and collection systems concerns.

Electrical Engineering

Electricity, illumination as well as telecommunications and home automation.

Mechanical Engineering

Ground structures and geotechnical elements, thermal environment and behavioral prediction as well as HVAC projects such as heating, ventilation air air conditioning.

Specialty services

Energy efficiency

Energy efficient buildings, sustainability and functionality through natural light, ventilation, insulation and thermal performance, using green technologies such as solar panels and sturdy, low maintenance aluminum systems and efficient home automations.

Interior Design

Exquisite, haute pieces of design made exclusively for each project, joining comfort, functionality and its own personality and way of living.

Interior Finishes

As a complement to the aesthetic component of any project, we propose visual consultancy for interiors and finishes, suggesting unique, high design furniture, marbles and stones, dividers, fittings and lighting combinations.



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