Who we are

Functionality, aesthetics and boldness.

We create and design according to the cultural context, historicisms, customs, traditions, and lifestyles, enriching our projects with a multicultural approach of design, construction schemes, architecture styles, working procedures, and construction materials, from the first blueprint to the final Haute piece of furniture.

From architecture and engineering to logistics and administrative services, to ensure the technical needs of your project such as overseas transport of your project’s high-end construction materials and interior finishes.



The team’s multidisciplinary backgrounds and versatility allows a more detailed and thorough view of the project and its development, with the underlying architectural and engineering knowledge to ensure in-house planning and management of all its fields.

Francisco Soares


Nazareth Ruiz


Salihu Diallo


Miguel Antunes

Project Manager

Hélder Dias

Construction Manager

Chris Udutchay

Project Manager

Martha Kemi

Site Engineer

Collins Ehiwario

Structural Engineer

Daniel Ojo

Project Engineer

Renato Costa

Electric Engineer

Nuno Teixeira

Solar/AC Engineer

Nuno Moura

Logistics Manager

Francisco Silva

Chief Brand Officer

Rita Moura

Chief Marketing Officer

Ana Ramos




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